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In-store Audio Advertising and In-store Messaging

Advert Insertion: Adiosys

Our Ad Insertion engine allows you to take your radio feed and create a personalised in-store radio stream for each of your outlets.
All locations receive the same 'base' feed and you set up local content for each location, to be inserted into the stream on command.

Adiosys is intended for use by Retailers, Broadcasters and Content Providers, it is a vehicle to drive revenue and inform local markets:

  • Promote special offers in-store
  • Sell advertising space to FMCG suppliers
  • Reinforce Brand messaging



How it works:

Insertion commands are given to the system using metadata tags contained within your feed stream. A location does not have to have inserted content for every slot: if nothing is defined, the stream for that location will stay with the main feed, giving you total flexibility to tailor what advertising is played, where, when.

In the diagram, inputs to the system are shown in red:

  • the source Shoutcast stream,
  • the advertising schedule (contained in a simple text file format) and
  • the advert files (in mp3 / AAC+ format)

 Advert Insertion system schematic 

It is clear to see that what MOH Technology are providing is an 'engine' that sits behind the scenes and does the hard work of producing thousands of concurrent, individually tailored audio streams. There is no 'visible' user interface, the system relies on a text file to define what advert should be inserted into what streams, when. This is a deliberate choice: every potential user has their own system, so we have created ours to be simple to interface with at the machine level.

Our partners Streamguys have put together a GUI that allows customers to easily define their locations, group them, upload ads and schedule them. For customers who want a straightforward, user driven implementation, using StreamGuys' interface is the obvious choice.



 To find out more about  our Ad Insertion system, please contact us.